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A few of the properties that make STARMAN an outstanding series are:
  • Fine writing, directing, acting, production values.
  • Strong-but-gentle male role models.
  • A warm father-son relationship; level-headed, respectful parenting.
  • Peaceful problem-solving through honest communication.
  • Non-sexist, non-racist, non-ageist attitudes.
  • A minimum of violence, car chases, explosions.
  • Treatments of numerous social and environmental issues.
BIG NEWS! Sony released official DVDs of the series on April 3, 2012! Click here to read the latest news and for ordering info, as reported by Now that the Sony DVDs are released, Spotlight Starman Int'l has ceased distributing our fan-produced episode sets. The fan-produced "Extras" disc is still available.

The 1986-87 television season saw something remarkable -- an hour-long drama suitable for family viewing. The show was STARMAN (story synopsis below). Most people never saw it. Many critics panned it before it even premiered, based on a hastily produced promo tape to pitch the initial concept. Unfortunately this "presentation tape" fell far short of the content, consciousness, characterization, and production values found in the actual series. This discouraged many people from ever trying it, as did its label of "science fiction." Then, poorly promoted by its network and shuffled among six lethal time slots (pitted against such shows as L.A. Law, Miami Vice, The Cosby Show, Falcon Crest, and Crime Story), STARMAN lagged in the ratings and was cancelled in May 1987.

At that time five people from Texas, California, Minnesota, and Washington D.C. found each other and then founded Spotlight Starman. Totally self-funded and with no help from any other group, S.S. reached out to find other "like minds" and located thousands who not only shared an opinion about the show's importance but were willing to battle all the powers-that-be to see the show revived.

Spotlight Starman has remained active through the years since the show was cancelled. Members continue to keep the spirit of Starman alive through the STARMANET electronic mailing list, the newsletter BLUE LIGHTS, gatherings and conventions, merchandise, and numerous works of fan art, music, and fiction. For more information please visit our about us page or contact us.


STARMAN began as a 1984 movie directed by John Carpenter, about an extraterrestrial [Jeff Bridges] coming to Earth after encountering our Voyager II probe. He found himself being chased by the military (George Fox [Richard Jaeckel] and Mark Shermin [Charles Martin Smith]), and aided by a young human woman named Jenny Hayden (played by Karen Allen). He ultimately found his way home. But not before fathering a child....

In 1986, a television series, based on the movie, premiered on the US ABC network (and later, in other countries). In it, the Starman [Robert Hays] returned to heed a call for help. He found the caller, Scott Hayden [Christopher Daniel Barnes], who was the result of his lovemaking with Jenny Hayden. He then assumed the form of a notorious photographer named Paul Forrester.

Scott and Paul soon found themselves travelling across the country, avoiding George Fox [Michael Cavanaugh] and Agent Wylie/Wiley [Patrick Culliton], and trying to find Scott's mother, Jenny, so that they could be a family. Along the way, they helped many people have better lives.

The series ran a full season, all 22 episodes, but was cancelled by ABC network. A fan campaign soon started and is still extremely active today.


We're not history yet!
- Paul, "Blue Lights"

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