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STARMAN Episode Synopsis
excerpted from "The STARMAN MINI-GUIDE" © 1988 (updated 1991) by Vicki Hessel Werkley. Used with permission.
  1. The Return
  2. Like Father, Like Son
  3. Fatal Flaw
  4. Blue Lights
  5. Best Buddies
  6. Secrets
  7. One for the Road
  8. Peregrine
  1. Society's Pet
  2. Fever
  3. The Gift
  4. The System
  5. Appearances
  6. The Probe
  7. Dusty
  1. Barriers
  2. Grifters
  3. The Wedding
  4. Fathers and Sons
  5. Starscape I
  6. Starscape II
  7. The Test

STARMAN TV series, based on characters created by Bruce A. Evans and Raynold Gideon.
First season: 09/19/86--09/04/87

Paul and Scott Robert Hays

Christopher Daniel Barnes

Michael Cavanaugh

Patrick Culliton
Starman a.k.a. Paul Forrester

Scott Hayden, Jr.

FSA Agent George Fox

Agent Wylie a.k.a. Wiley

Fox and Wylie
Presently, the correct sequence of episodes shown in NZ between 7/30--9/3/87 is unknown; they're listed in the USA order, though it's doubtful that's correct. Many episodes aired in Canada on the same dates as in the US, but we don't know which, so those will have to wait for a future update.

Air dates given in MM/DD/YY format.

Air date codes:
AFN = Armed Forces Network (Germany, in English)
AUS = Australia
CAN = Canada
FRA = France
NZ = New Zealand
RSA = Republic of South Africa
USA = United States of America
ZDF = German Language Network in Germany

Episode #1: THE RETURN

USA/CAN: 09/19/86, 12/26/86
AFN: 06/30/87
NZ : 07/23/87
RSA: 08/17/87
AUS: 07/04/88
ZDF: 01/13/90
FRA: 07/03/88

After the death of his foster parents, a grieving Scott inadvertently "calls" his alien father (the Starman) back to Earth, where he clones the body of too-daring photojournalist Paul Forrester (killed in a helicopter crash while trying to photograph an erupting volcano). Fox, already investigating Scott Hayden, learns of the alien's return through Liz Baynes (an investigative reporter who often worked with the real Forrester -- and was one of his many paramours). Young Scott, forced to believe his father's identity when he hears a tape from Jenny Hayden, sets out to find his mother. The new "Paul" decides to accompany him, trying to protect them both from the government agents on their trail. Liz Baynes, won over by the pair, offers to be their contact, helping Paul find work as a photographer.
Episode #2:

USA: 09/26/86, 01/02/87
AFN: 07/07/87
NZ : 07/30/87?
RSA: 08/24/87
AUS: 07/11/88
ZDF: 01/20/90

Scott's still having trouble accepting his father's origins (and the implications for his own life). They encounter a used car salesman who meets his match in Starman, a stressed-out woman who has "kidnapped" her own daughter, and a disgruntled cougar. Meanwhile, Fox is trying to muster the government support he needs.
Episode #3: FATAL FLAW

USA: 10/03/86, 04/25/87
AFN: 07/14/87
NZ : 08/04/87?
RSA: 09/21/87
AUS: not shown
ZDF: not shown

A headstrong pilot with financial problems endangers her life and business because she won't believe Paul can communicate with her father, a stroke victim. Starman takes his first shot at photography; Scott's enchanted by motorcycles and experimental aircraft. This is a turning-point episode as Scott begins to truly appreciate his dad's abilities.
Episode #4: BLUE LIGHTS

USA: 10/17/86, 01/23/87
AFN: 08/25/87
NZ : 11/05/87
RSA: 04/07/87
AUS: 07/18/88
ZDF: 01/27/90

Scott's inexpert use of the sphere creates a light-show that's hard to explain and lands them "behind the eight-ball" -- in a rural jail cell with Fox and Wylie on the way. Scott's beginning to like and respect his dad but still has trouble being totally honest with him.
Episode #5: BEST BUDDIES

USA: 10/24/86, 05/16/87
AFN: 07/25/87
NZ : 08/13/87
RSA: 08/31/87
AUS: 07/25/88
ZDF: 02/03/90

Starman finds it may not be so easy to pick up Paul Forrester's professional and personal life. While struggling with his first real photo assignment (about homeless squatters), he runs into his "best buddy" from Vietnam and learns Forrester was having an affair with the man's wife.
Episode #6: SECRETS

USA: 10/31/86, 05/23/87
AFN: 08/04/87
NZ : July or August/87 or not shown?
RSA: not shown?
AUS: 08/01/88
ZDF: 02/10/90

After a narrow escape of their own, Paul and Scott hear a news report that someone named Jennifer Hayden has escaped from a nearby mental hospital (a ruse arranged by Fox). They enlist the aid of a sensitive actress (who's more interested in Paul than in finding Jenny -- whom she says she knows). While Starman's getting his first taste of Shakespeare, another false news report leads Scott into a trap. It's a poignant episode for Scott as he faces several disappointments and uncomfortable surprises.
Episode #7:

USA: 11/07/86, 03/06/87
AFN: 08/11/87
NZ : 11/12/87
RSA: 09/28/87
AUS: 08/08/88
ZDF: 02/17/90

Settling down long enough for Scott to join the school track team -- and fall in love -- Starman chaperones a dance and proves a cynical and alcoholic newspaperman that there is "something new under the sun." Scott finds such a welcome niche, he rebels when his worried dad suggests moving on.
Episode #8: PEREGRINE

USA: 11/14/86, 04/18/87
AFN: 08/18/87
NZ : 11/19/87
RSA: 10/05/87
AUS: 08/15/88
ZDF: 02/24/90

Paul sees both sides of the captive breeding program for endangered species when he heals the broken wing of a bird he calls Waldo. Starman also makes his first intentional joke and learns an important lesson about being human.
Episode #9: SOCIETY'S PET

USA: 11/28/86, 05/30/87
AFN: 07/21/87
NZ : 09/23/87
RSA: 10/12/87
AUS: 08/22/88
ZDF: 03/03/90

The very wealthy sister of Scott's foster father uses a $10,000 insurance policy to lure Paul and Scott to her "farm." Willing even to strike a bargain with Fox, she wants to remove Scott from Paul's bad influence and raise him "properly." When he sees how much Scott savors the luxury offered him, Paul wonders if his son might not prefer such an arrangement. Starman discovers irises, artichokes, and horseback riding, and Scott gives Fox a grammar lesson.
Episode #10: FEVER

USA: 12/05/86, 05/09/87
AFN: 09/01/87
NZ : 11/26/87
RSA: 10/19/87
AUS: 10/03/88
ZDF: 03/10/90

A common cold endangers the life of Starman's newly cloned body, leaving him vulnerable to Fox. Scott realizes how important his dad has become to him. Can *he* save his father's life?
Episode #11: THE GIFT

USA: 12/12/86, 07/09/87
AFN: 09/08/87
NZ : July or August/87 or not shown?
RSA: 10/26/87
AUS: 09/06/88
ZDF: 03/17/90

Accepting an invitation to spend Christmas with the real Paul Forrester's mother, Paul and Scott find she didn't invite them and doesn't want to see her son. Starman tries to explain his own view of death to Scott and to heal the wound between Stella and Paul "before it's too late."
Episode #12: THE SYSTEM

USA: 01/09/87, 06/06/87
AFN: 09/15/87
NZ : 09/10/87
RSA: 11/02/87
AUS: 09/12/88
ZDF: 03/04/90

Starman's arrested on a bench warrant for the real Forrester, who refused to violate the confidence of a fugitive from justice whom he'd photographed. (Story based on real-life Stephen Bingham case.) Paul experiences a big-city jail, a "flashy" and talkative cellmate, and perhaps the most subtlely humorous arrest scene ever. The episode also expands our view of Wylie and the real Paul Forrester.
Episode #13: APPEARANCES

USA: 01/16/87, 06/13/87
AFN: 09/22/87
NZ : 09/17/87
RSA: 11/09/87
AUS: 10/17/88
ZDF: 03/31/90

Starman heals the acid-burned hand of a blind girl who can't understand why he won't heal her eyes as well.
Episode #14: THE PROBE

USA: 01/30/87, 06/20/87
AFN: 01/03/88
NZ : 09/24/87
RSA: 11/16/87
AUS: 10/24/88
ZDF: 04/07/90

While blipping the curve of a psychological test, Paul finds himself falling in love with a beautiful widowed astronomer who herself is struggling with the issue of military funding for scientific research.
Episode #15: DUSTY

USA: 02/06/87, 07/16/87
AFN: 01/10/88
NZ : /87
RSA: /87
AUS: /88
ZDF: 04/14/90

A compulsive gambler steals Paul and Scott's car, stranding them in some "educational experiences" in Reno (including an $8000 debt). Paul experiences blueberry muffins and the bite of the gambling bug while Scott indulges himself in the perks of the high-roller's life, and Fox stoops to bribery.
Episode #16: BARRIERS

USA: 02/13/87, 06/27/87
AFN: 01/17/88
NZ : 10/08/87
RSA: 11/30/87
AUS: 11/07/88
ZDF: 04/20/90?

Knocked unconscious, Paul finds himself in Mexico, separated from Scott and imprisoned by the father of a pregnant aristrocat -- a "spoiled brat." Paul must escape, cross the border with other "illegal aliens," and protect Tonita from bandits as she goes into labor on the way to find her baby's father.
Episode #17: GRIFTERS

USA: 03/13/87, 07/23/87
AFN: 01/24/88
NZ : 10/15/87
RSA: 12/17/87
AUS: 11/14/88
ZDF: 04/21/90

"Guests" of a pair of "two-bit" con men who've tried to sting them, Paul and Scott find themselves the victim of an even greater scam. When Starman is at last in the clutches of George Fox, he learns the frightening extent of Fox's hatred, paranoia, and plans for Scott. Though one of the funniest episodes, it also features an electric confrontation between Starman and Fox -- their first and only conversation -- and their words are mirrors of their two souls.
Episode #18: THE WEDDING

USA: 03/21/87, 07/30/87
AFN: 01/31/88
NZ : 10/22/87
RSA: 12/14/87
AUS: 11/21/88
ZDF: 04/28/90

The owner of a fishing fleet and cannery nets Paul to photograph his daughter Anna's wedding, but Papa really hopes being reminded of a past love affair with Forrester will make Anna change her mind about marriage and leaving home. Starman has a conversation with a cake, and Scott gets to practice his healing sphere skills. Lots of local color: Grace Cathedral, Fisherman's Wharf, cable cars.
Episode #19:

USA: 03/28/87, 08/14/87
AFN: 02/09/88
NZ : 10/29/87
RSA: 12/21/87
AUS: 11/28/88
ZDF: 05/05/90

A 15-year old boy (who has recently learned Forrester was his biological father) wants to escape the restrictions of his current life and go on the road with the dad he idolizes: Paul Forrester. Scott (who's been feeling some irritation in his own father-son relationship) is definitely underwhelmed by this interloper. Meanwhile, Paul's been hired by a magazine publisher to expose some ex-activists who have sold out -- or have they? An episode evocative of 60's themes such as free love and peace marches.
Episode #20: STARSCAPE I

USA: 04/04/87, 08/21/87
AFN: 02/14/88
NZ : 12/17/87
RSA: 12/28/87
AUS: 12/05/88
ZDF: 05/12/90

Paul recognizes his home star in a painting, and he and Scott set off to find the artist: Jenny Hayden. Separated in New Mexico, they both head for Arizona, where Paul finds his lost love but isn't quite sure how to reveal his identity. Meanwhile, Scott's involved in a truck crash in an isolated area and saves the driver, not realizing the man is his uncle. It's an episode full of poignant memories for Starman and Jenny; Paul uses his sphere to recreate some of those moments.
Episode #21: STARSCAPE II

USA: 04/11/87, 08/28/87
AFN: 02/21/88
NZ : 12/17/87
RSA: 01/04/88
AUS: 12/05/88
ZDF: 05/19/90

Though it isn't easy for Jenny to believe the identity of her "new" love, when they've reaffirmed their bond, they turn complete attention to finding Scott. Fox's capture of both father and son is one of several dramatic moments, followed by an escape from the Air Force lab where they're being held, aided by Jenny's brother. Fox has a heart attack and Starman's offered the perfect solution to all his problems -- all that keeps him from a settled life with the family he loves -- just walk away and let Fox die. Can he?
Episode #22: THE TEST

USA: 05/02/87, 09/04/87
AFN: 02/28/88
NZ : 12/10/87
RSA: 01/10/88
AUS: 12/12/88
ZDF: not shown

Once again the "new kid" in school, Scott comes up against a trio of bullies while Paul presents two people with the opportunity to change their lives: a disillusioned teacher and a man who has yet to face his illiteracy.


We're not history yet!
- Paul, "Blue Lights"

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