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The origins of SSI

When the cancellation of STARMAN was announced in 1987, five people from Texas, California, Minnesota, and Washington D.C. found each other and then founded Spotlight Starman. Totally self-funded and with no help from any other group, S.S. reached out to find other "like minds" and located thousands who not only shared an opinion about the show's importance but were willing to battle all the powers-that-be to see the show revived.

See why we think STARMAN is so special.

SSI today

When STARMAN was later broadcast in numerous foreign countries, our membership expanded around the globe. We are now called Spotlight Starman International. Membership is open to all who appreciate STARMAN; there are no membership dues. Our motto for participation is "What you can, when you can."

The members of Spotlight Starman range roughly in age from 4 to 90 with the majority between the ages of 30 and 50. They include people involved in education, medicine, religion, social service, science, business, and the creative arts, as well as homemakers and students. Many members report significant life changes: career decisions; finding new skills and talents; overcoming fears, bad habits, and negative attitudes; expanding their horizons with new experiences and travel; improved self-esteem.

Participation and activities

The electronic mailing list STARMANET is a low-volume discussion list covering a wide variety of topics of interest to STARMAN folks, with occasional short notices about something that's coming up fast. An example is a VCR alert letting subscribers know when a STARMAN cast member may be appearing in a TV series/movie. Lurkers welcome!

The printed "newsletterzine" BLUE LIGHTS provides a central focus and publishes news, features, commentary, and cast/crew interviews as well as numerous "special editions" of fiction, poetry, essays, opinion, puzzles, and letters -- all with photos and/or illustrations/cartoons. Subscribers also receive the supplemental newsletter BLIP (BLUE LIGHTS Info Pulse) that fills the gaps between the comprehensive BLUE LIGHTS issues. BLIP is available in both electronic and print formats.

Gatherings and conventions
Since August of 1987, there have been scores of small local gatherings and eighteen national/international conventions (in CA, OH, OR, AZ, UT, NC, WA, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Austria). Since 1990, in even-numbered years, SSI has hosted conventions in the Hollywood area which feature a Reunion Party bringing together those who created/appreciate STARMAN. These are regularly attended by principal actors from the series, guest actors, producers, writers, and members of the production staff.

Charity auctions
SSI was one of the first fan organizations to regularly hold auctions at conventions in order to benefit social, educational and environmental causes. Though a small organization, since 1987 it has raised funds to benefit Literacy Volunteers of America, Peregrine Fund, Cousteau Society, Alzheimers' Association, Vietnam Veterans, Yakima Area Arboretum, Greenpeace, Nature Conservancy, a children's hospital in what used to be East Germany, the Koethen zoo in Germany, Friends of Keiko (the orca star of FREE WILLY) and the library of the Society for the Preservation of Variety Arts in Hollywood. SSI sponsors on an ongoing basis a rescued "orange Mustang" at the Wild Horse Sanctuary.

Fan art, publications, and merchandise
An impressive body of "fan art" -- visual, literary, and musical -- has been created. Members have produced a wealth of merchandise to publicize the show and campaign, such as T-shirts, buttons, audio cassettes, leatherwork, jewelry, bumper stickers, stationery, and needlework. Notable among these are:
  • ...ENDLESSLY CREATIVE - a 174-page illustrated cookbook featuring 218 recipes.
  • SPOTLIGHT STARMAN WALL CALENDARS from 1989 to 1994, illustrated; featured member birthdays and dates important to the history of SSI.
  • SPOTLIGHT STARMAN SONGBOOK (Songs of the Sphere Vol. 4) - 175 "filks" (new lyrics to known songs).
  • SONGS OF STARMAN - audiocassette of studio music from the show, filks, instrumentals, original songs.
  • CREDITS WHERE CREDITS ARE DUE - a 110-page BLUE LIGHTS SPECIAL EDITION packed with career credits of the people--on both sides of the camera--who created the STARMAN movie and series.
Returning STARMAN to production

The sincerity, intelligence, and persistence of SSI's campaign have impressed many members of the press, the producers of the show (who at first pragmatically accepted the show's cancellation), and the beleaguered network itself (which was, despite its avowals to the contrary, moved to consider a limited number of new episodes and/or a TV movie, neither of which was successfully negotiated).

Many factors (including labor disputes, personnel and ownership changes in the parent companies, and career opportunities for the cast and crew) have all complicated the effort to return STARMAN to new production, but most Spotlighters believe this will happen sometime in the future (as it did for STAR TREK and ALIEN NATION). Five years of campaigning finally paid off when the original 22 episodes were acquired for cable rebroadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel, renewing hopes for new production in the future. Meanwhile Spotlight Starman continues to celebrate, share, and sustain the spirit of STARMAN, spreading the word through PTA organizations, science fiction conventions, newspaper and magazine articles, computer network bulletin board discussions, and by sharing videotapes with people who have never seen the show. A favorite activity is gathering together in large or small groups to brainstorm new strategies and strengthen the bonding of what has truly become a "family" sharing a common love and a vision for more conscious TV programming and a better world in general.

The show's principal actors (Robert Hays, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Michael Cavanaugh, and Patrick Culliton) have expressed the same sentiment at various times:

Those of us who worked creating STARMAN felt as if we were a family. Now that family is extended to include all these people who love the show so much.
The proof of this was seen at the April 1, 1990 reunion party where members of STARMAN's cast, crew, and staff came together with Spotlighters to celebrate STARMAN. These ties are being maintained and expanded as the Reunion Party contunues to be a tradition at the biennial STARMAN FAMILY-CON (SFC) conventions (including SFC '96 commemorating the 10th Anniversary of STARMAN's debut), where Spotlighters have attended from all over the U.S. and several forieign countries: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and England.

The following quotes from a STARMAN producer and cast are excerpted from STARLOG Magazine #126, 129, and BLUE LIGHTS #3.

The Spotlight Starman people didn't miss what we were going after, but the critics missed it completely.

- Jim Hirsch (STARMAN co-executive producer)

Listen, these Spotlight Starman people have it all over the critics, and they can outwrite them, too.

- Robert Hays (Starman/Paul Forrester)

I think even George Fox could take a lesson in determination from these Spotlight Starman people.

- Michael Cavanaugh (the relentless government agent, George Fox)

It's an unusual group of fans... teachers, psychologists, artists... who love the show for the right reasons.

- Patrick Culliton (Fox's assistant, Agent Wylie who has attended the major S.S. events, hosted the first Reunion party, and knows many of the members well)
What makes STARMAN so special?

The 1986-87 television series STARMAN is one of the few hour-long dramas suitable for family viewing. The show incorporated these elements:

  • Fine writing, directing, acting, production values.
  • Strong-but-gentle male role models.
  • A warm father-son relationship; level-headed, respectful parenting.
  • Peaceful problem-solving through honest communication.
  • Non-sexist, non-racist, non-ageist attitudes.
  • An absolute minimum of violence, car chases, explosions.
  • Positive attitude toward learning and personal growth.
  • A hopeful outlook for the planet and its peoples.
  • Humor arising from an affectionate look at our customs and language instead of insults and one-upmanship.
  • Spirituality which transcends the barriers of organized religion and an emphasis on values and ethics rather than a judgmental morality.
  • Emphasis on integrity, compassion, courtesy, responsibility, forgiveness, trust, friendship, and the courage to change one's life for the better.
  • Treatments of numerous social and environmental issues, especially literacy, endangered species, and care of the indigent and disabled.


We're not history yet!
- Paul, "Blue Lights"

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